The Ukraine – Appeal to the Russian Orthodox Church

On Sixth of March Sunday a small group representing different faiths were received by Bishop Irenei in Chiswick to deliver an Appeal to the Russian Orthodox Church (letter below). His Grace invited them to partake in the service of Forgiveness, as the period of lent begins. It was a beautiful service and they were welcomed by the clergy and congregation.

The group were introduced to the ROC Ukrainian priest and two members who were from different countries beyond Russia yet belong to the Russian Orthodox Church and prayed together.

I was one of nearly 100 individuals who signed the letter (below) and we have now received a response that the letter has been forwarded.

To: His Grace Irenei, Bishop of London and Western Europe

We are writing as members of different religious traditions, faiths and convictions to
implore Your Grace to convey our message to His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow
and all Russia on our behalf.

Your Holiness,
You have the ear of President Putin and the respect of all Russians.
While we recognise your call to avoid civilian casualties, please request the
President to stop the war which is taking the lives of both civilians and military
personnel, leaving their children and families without their mother and or father.
During your membership of The European Council of Religious Leaders you were
prominent in calling for all to live in peace with each other.
We believe as the Religious Leader of the Russian Orthodox Church that you have
the authority and responsibility to call on the Russian leadership and the people to
accept their obligation and responsibility to choose peace through dialogue.
The Ukrainian people are your brothers and sisters in Christ and need your help.
With all respect and appreciation,
The Lord Alderdice, Christian (Irish Presbyterian)

Cannon Guy Wilkinson CBE
Sir Richard Glyn. Bt.

Rabbi Professor Dan Cohn-Sherbok, PhD, DD
Dr Elizabeth J Harris Christian
Lord Hylton – Roman Catholic
David Horner – Church of England
Ravinder Kaur Nijjar-Sikh Community
Rabbi Alexandra Wright (The Liberal Jewish Synagogue)ß
Dr Ramesh Pattni DPhil (Oxford) OBE Hindu Forum Britain
Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner – Former Senior Rabbi
Shaykh Ibrahim Mogra (imam)
Dr. Mehool Sanghrajka MBE – Managing Trustee Institute of Jainology
The Revd Professor Douglas Pratt – Anglican
Mrs Jan Pye-Russell – Anglican
Derek McAuley -Unitarian
Ervad Jimmy Madon – Zoroastrian Priest
Rev Canon Dr John Hall – Christian
Jeremy Rodell- Humanist
Dr. Birdie Stringer
Martin Birdseye – Roman Catholic
Neelam Sharma – Sukyo Mahikari
Swadeka Ahsun, World Congress of faiths.
Jamie Cresswell – Buddhist
(Mrs) Win Burton – Anglican
Mr. Rusi K. Dalal. – Trustee ZTFE
Paul Skidmore – Christian
Finn Pierau MSc – Buddhist
Christine Forrest – Christian
Dr. (Mrs)Roshan R. Dalal. Zoroastrian –
Zerbanoo Gifford
Eda Molla Chousein – Muslim

David Churchill
Rabbi Jackie Tabick
Claudia Nielsen PhD, MA Psych & Couns
Heather Wells – Christian
Ajit Singh – Sikh
Dorab Mistry OBE – Zoroastrian
Anil Bhanot -Hindu
Philippa Vafadari
Revd. Marcus Braybrook – Anglican
Dr Lynne Sedgmore CBE – Mystic
Charanjit Singh – Sikh
Nemu Chandaria OBE – Coordinator OneJAIN
Minoo Churchill
Rev Bonnie Evans-Hills, priest, Scottish Episcopal Church
Dr. Koka Kavita Karishma – Zoroastrian.
Mark Gifford
Hardy Churchill
Mrs. Jerou Panthaki RamMohan -Zoroastrian
Sandy Bharat – Hindu
Dr George R. Wilkes, Edinburgh

Richard Gifford
Maureen Goodman – Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (UK)
Deacon Linda Gilson – Methodist
Malcolm Deboo President ZTFE
Shahin Bekhradnia
Rabbi Jeff Berger -Interfaith Advocate,
Ruth Parrott -President Methodist Women
Professor Andrew Davies -University of Birmingham
June Mehra – Buddhist
Edward Patrick Lams – Christian
Poonam Jain – Humanist
A S Markson Pinner Jewish
Patrick Ramsey – Methodist Church in Britain
Dr Clare Amos – Christian
The Revd Canon DR Alan Race Christian
Fr Luigi Morrone, SDV Roman Catholic
Gavin Howell – Unitarian
Hilary Evans Vice-President Methodist Women in set
Professor Mark Owen Sec Gen of RfP Europe, and ECRL
Mrs June Skidmore – Christian (Church of England)
Sheik Muhammad Amin Evans – Muslim
Dr Justine Huxley. – Sufi
Alan Murray – director All Faiths and None
Elaine Banks – Methodist
Rev. Peter Thomas

Felicity Holt, Anglican
Andrew Roberts – Methodist Presbyter
Edmund Dehn Humanist
Pamela Taylor – St Andrew’s Church Fulham Fields
Revd. Roger Dunlop (Methodist Minister)
Rumi Sethna -Chairman World Zoroastrian Organisation
Darayus S Motivala Zoroastrian
Wendy Barra Roman Catholic
Janet Palmer – Roman Catholic
Rev Alan Combes – Methodist Minister
Pauline Salter Methodist
Patricia Darbyshire Methodist M.W.I.B.
David Locke – Church of England
Irma Elisabet Sarosh – Lutheran
Jehangir Sarosh OBE – Zoroastrian

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